How To Apply

Even a revolution formula needs an allergy test 48h before use

Remove earrings. Behind the ear and using a cotton bud, apply a small quantity of the unmixed colourant cream (tube 2). Leave it for 48 hours without washing, covering or touching.
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First hair color, step by step!

Do you want colour your hair ? You have never coloured your hair,
want to change your current haircolour or have not coloured in
3 months or longer.

1/3 Prepare your color

First of all put on the gloves, and keep them on for the whole application.
Place a towet aroud your shoulders, open the applicator bottle and push
the bottle into the back of the box to keep if upright.
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2/3 Mix the product

1. Pour the entire content of the developer cream.
2. And the colourant cream into the Nutrisse jar.
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3/3 Shake the bottle & break off the tip

Break off the tip of the applicator immediately afterwards to avoid the bottle burstingand damage
from the product overflowing. Shake thoroughly to ensure the mixture has a uniform texture.
Apply on dry, brushed and unwashed hair.

1/2 Start the application

You have followed our advice, prepared the colouring mixture and put the gloves? You’re ready to begin.
1. Start applying on the roots section by section, apply the product to the roots of dry, unwashed hair.
2. Top the product to spread on the roots.

2/2 Massage and attach your hair

1. Then extend to the lengths at ends
2. Massage the product well into the hair to ensure that the colourant is evenly spread

Leave on for 30 min

While your are waiting relax and enjoy the Nutrisse Deezer playlist or read the free Marie-Claire magazine.


1. Before rinsing massage your hair to unstick the creamunstick the cream. Massage your hair thoroughly to emulsify the colourant and make rinsing easier. Add a small amount of water and massage again.

2. Rinse thorughtly until water runs clear.

3. Leave your gloves.

Condition your hair

You can now remove your gloves and apply the after colour care. It leaves your
hair soft and shiny, and gives more brigthness to the colour.
1. Apply a hazelnut amout of the silk and shine conditioner (tube 3) on the entire hair.
2. Leave on for a short instant and rinse.

Enjoy your new hair color!

To maintain your Nutrisse color, use hair care adapted products.